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Learning foreign words can be fun! Read real texts, learn real words and watch your vocabulary grow with WordsLearner
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14 October 2010

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It is often said that learning a foreign language while you are still pursuing graduation degree will immensely help in career prospects in the long run and can even result in an established career across the country that would be counted as a fruitful experience. Different people have their own ways of learning and studying any language and they individually work on their methodology to memorize and study the vocabulary; because more than learning and memorizing the words, their pronunciation and practical usage in everyday conversations is equally and perhaps even more important. We can take online help to learn about new words and phonetics; however randomly searching for words and their meaning and usage is a tedious activity to manage and WordsLearner 1.2 is a facility that can help users in learning foreign text and enhance their vocabulary in the process.

WordsLearner opens with a vibrant looking interface with the chief options placed at the top panel in a designer menu template. The compact screen shows the foreign language word and its correct translation placed in four boxes as options with the user can choose from the options and select the right one. These kind of tests enable easier learning and memorizing with the bright interface making it easier to navigate through. This unique application provides a simple way to learn with such interactive flash cards and can also form a dictionary of sorts and control the progress. The program helps in learning more than 50 languages like Spanish, Italian, French, German and of course English among many others. The learning tool present in the program will monitor the performance with the help of a dictionary maintained and will ample chances to revise and re-learn.

To conclude, WordsLearner 1.2 comes across as useful and constructive program with its user friendly tools and controls that aid in better understanding and hence gets a rating of four points for its stellar performance.

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Learning foreign words can be fun! Read real texts, learn real words and watch your vocabulary grow with WordsLearner. The innovative language learning software offers a quick and easy way to memorize words with a system of interactive flash cards. Adding words is easy - with just a click of a button, you'll start learning new words with vocabulary flash cards and controlling your progress by forming a dictionary of words you've learned.
WordsLearner offers intermediate language students a unique learning aid. With this tool, you'll only be learning words that you need to. No pre-defined dictionaries and no generic lessons are needed or included with WordsLearner. Create your own word lists and let WordsLearner help you memorize your new vocabulary!
With WordsLearner, you can learn more than 50 languages. WordsLearner offers yet another vehicle to bring foreign words before your eyes. The tool helps intermediate students learn English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and many other languages more efficiently.
Memorize words with interactive flash cards! WordsLearner works by adding foreign words from texts you read into a learning dictionary, displaying interactive vocabulary flash cards on your computer screen and offering you translation choices. The language learning tool will monitoring your performance by maintaining a dictionary of words you learned, and will give you a chance to re-learn any words you forget further down the line.
Learn new words in a fun and easy way! Add words from foreign texts you read WordsLearner displays new words as flash cards, offering you to select the correct translation from the choices offered. WordsLearner creates and displays exercises automatically, making you learn words you encounter in real texts. After you learn a word, it will be transferred automatically from the Dictionary to the Learned list.
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